Coaching with JCFitness

Every coach is unique and every athlete responds differently, so here at JCFitness we try to work with our athletes to learn how they respond in various situations. Lets be honest, not every race goes to plan. Thats not necessarily due to lack of training, but it could be a mechanical error, sleepless night before the race, awful weather conditions etc…

What is important is to have a plan worked out between you and your coach and mini goals to try to achieve within that race. And remember, we can only control what we can control!!  

An athlete we are working with raced last weekend and we set some goals for her to hit. It wasn’t based on time but more on mental prep, confidence and using skills learnt. After a race, we always get our athletes to reflect and to see if we reached the goals and how we can keep improving.

A little insight into this athletes feedback and reflection is here;

1. Start at the front. i looked around and the people i wanted to be like were nearer the front, so although i didnt think i would keep up the whole way, i gave myself a much better chance by starting in the correct place.

2.  A JC Fitness style warm up. I felt so much better after my 25 min warm up.

3. Chase the person ahead. I kept picking someone in front of me and aiming to overtake them. I havent done this before and it really helped me to creep forwards but also to stay focussed.

This is awesome reviewing and allows us (together) to address things we can improve on and also to acknowledge the improvements being made already this season. Our partnership is exactly that and is great Team work with 100% communication and commitment from both sides. 

To discuss training with JC Fitness Performance Coaching or to arrange to speak to one of our athletes for an honest insight into how it works, contact us on [email protected].