GOALS… achieving or not?

Firstly, not achieving your goal does NOT mean you are a failure. Taking risks and trying new things lead to creating a different life for ourselves. Some things work out and some don’t. But we cannot allow fear of failing to stop us spreading our wings. When we set our goals, its important they are SMART.

Specific:. Stating what exactly you will accomplish. What is the mission statement for that goal. Who, what, where, when, which, why.

Measurable: How are you going to measure progress? Lets try to set short term and longer term goals.

Achievable: Set challenging but achievable goals. Being Clear and concise. Setting impossible goals, will set you up to fail by the simple fact you will give up at some point due to feeling its all uphill. Can you SEE yourself achieving that goal?

Relevant: Is your goal relevant to you and your skills, needs and overall life plan? Do you know your WHY.

Time: Anyone can set goals, but if you dont set realistic timings, you are setting yourself up to fail. And make sure there is a finish time attached.

I also believe to achieve our goals, we need the following:

Clarity: Be clear and concise.

Challenge: We need a challenge in order to want to push ourselves.

Commitment: This need to be high but also consistent.

Feedback: Be honest with yourself and if possible employ a coach who can be honest and give you feedback. Feedback can be a strong motivator.

This is not a guarantee you will succeed but there is evidence to back it up that by having goals it gives you a sense of purpose, helps you to manage time more efficiently, fulfil aspirations and helps you to become successful . As part of our life coaching Programme, we work with athletes and individuals on subjects such as dealing with race day nerves, race day performances, or dealing with exam stress, saving money, building confidence, career changes etc.

Feel free to contact us directly if you need direction, motivation and support to achieve your goals this year.