Menopause Blog Week 2

As promised, I am writing a regular blog on my experience of starting to take HRT and going through the Menopause.

So here I am on week 2.

I didnt expect much to happen in just a week but there are some changes already.

Positive Changes:

I am sleeping SO well. I always say to clients when they get sleep things always seem so much better.

This one is huge… I had no night sweats this week. Such a relief!!

I am less tired. No afternoon nap needed!!!

Less achiness in my body! My legs already feel more like they used to. No achy joints!

My skin feels and looks better.

No weight change and not feeling bloated. I am less hungry too which I am not sure about at this stage. I like food!!

So, these are all really positive.

I am aware it normally takes a few weeks to see/feel major changes so I am looking forward to updating you maybe mid October.

My over thinking is still the same! And my worrying and anxiety! This might just be me and nothing to do with the menopause at all. Time will tell.

But, overall I am feeling really good.

I have no regrets about starting HRT so far and giving this a go.

I love the fact on our online programme our members are open about how we are all feeling and offering support to each other.

Everyones experience is different but its so important to keep talking and supporting each other.

I hope you are all doing ok and having a good week.

More updates coming in 2 weeks when I will have also started taking the Progesterone Capsules.

I have had a friend round today who is also on HRT and she looks amazing. She has been on it for 12 months and has a real spring in her step again.

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Keep Smiling. J x