Since motivation comes from the mind, it is possible to overthink motivation. But motivation isn’t something you have to conquer in order to achieve it.
Motivation comes naturally, similar to adrenaline.

It’s always there for you as an encouraging hand to pat your back.
It isn’t mandatory either to feel as though you must always be motivated. You can always take a break from the motivation of doing something extravagant and submit to being tired. Taking a rest or break from pursuing something gives you time to prepare for the next wave of motivation you may have.

Here are some common misconceptions surrounding motivation.

You Are Alone
It may appear so, but you are never alone. You can always ask someone for help or advice on how to do something.

Everyone has their own perspective and sometimes it helps to get a second opinion.
When you need a push, you can always ask someone else for a helping hand. Personal projects may mean that yes, you have to act on your own but you can always ask for advice, tips or favors from other people.

You Need Push To Shove
You don’t quite need someone to push you into doing something. You can do anything when your heart truly desires, you just need to see it. Some people feel that change needs to occur first in order for anything enticing to happen to them. This isn’t entirely true.
It’s true that change does mean something different has to happen. When change occurs, you motivate yourself to keep up with the shifting world around you, because you have to.

Likewise, change doesn’t necessarily have to come first. Motivation can sometimes be the push to encourage change. It’s easy to put the blame on something else rather than admit to your own faults.
Our push that leads us on is already built inside of us, and is called motivation. Motivation is the push we shove ourselves with to get things done.

You Need Motivation for Big Steps
You need motivation for any step! By staying motivated, you take each and every step you need to in order to reach the coffee machine sitting in the kitchen. You drive as far as you need to go to get to your office because you are motivated to get to work.
Nobody can see just how important motivation is because we take advantage of it every day. It’s the voice telling us what time it is, where we need to be because these are the daily motivators that keep us moving. We don’t even realize when they are acting in our mind because they work so silently.
We only take account of our motivation when we’re trying to push ourselves to do something out of the way. It’s like there’s a running motor in our minds but bricks on the feet. Something out of your daily behavior requires a little more motivation.

If you want to do anything, your motivation is already set into action. Go to the library to get a book, grab a coffee with your friends, shop for a new outfit, they all mean that motivation is driving you forward.

No motivation means there is no ambition, passion, or final result to look forward to. Why would you bother doing anything knowing you aren’t going to get anything from it? That is what life feels like without motivation, and it never feels good.

When you recall what motivation does for you each and every day, consider how much you achieve daily.

Everything needs motivation. A smile means you move your muscles, travelling means you take initiative to work out your plan and involve yourself. Nothing is left unturned when you’re motivated.