Spring in my Step

My story from beginning perimenopause, struggling with Doctors to be listened to and now starting HRT.

To give you a little back ground information, I have always been fit. I have run my own fitness company for over 20 years and have competed for GB (age group).

However, when I was 40 I became seriously ill.

I had severe Graves Disease and because I was so ill, I suffered 2 strokes.

I was told I wouldnt have made it if I hadnt have been fit. (so to this day, this is one huge motivator for me to exercise and to be healthy, we only get 1 life!)

I am now on medication for life. 10 years later, I still have to go to the hospital for check ups and there are days when I really struggle. My glands swell up alot, I know when my thyroid is out of sync and I have no option but to just go to bed for a few hours. When I had the thyroid removed, sadly they damaged my vocal chords and I was left unable to speak for a few months. I had to have speech therapy and even today I have to do regular exercises to help and when I teach in person in large studios, I have to use a microphone.

So what has this got to do with HRT?

Within a couple of years of having my thryorid removed, I started to have symptoms of what I believed to be Perimenopause. Symptoms like, night sweats, changes in my period, migraines and for the first time in my life, feelings of anxiety.

I saw the Doctor and had a test. It revealed I wasnt in the perimenopause phase as yet.

So, I just carried on.

I have since found out, this test isnt necessary accurate or the deciding factor to say if you are in this phase of your life.

Over the next few years, I really started to feel I had lost myself. But not all of the time. Some weeks I felt just amazing but when it hit, it came full pelt!! Mood swings, anxiety, lacking in confidence, aching legs and just permanently tired.

In 2020 I was invited to speak on Dr Louise Newson Podcast talking about fitness and in particular fitness for ladies in the peri and menopause phases of their lives.

By this time, my symptoms were getting worse. So I spoke to my GP. I was told in no circumstances could I take HRT due to the fact I have had 2 strokes.

At this point, I was in tears. I knew I couldnt just suck it up any longer.

Early 2021 I reached out again!!! I was then referred to speak to Dr Katie Barber who is a specialist in Menopause.

This honestly felt like the first time I was listened to. She checked out my history and explained the low risk I was under by taking HRT and some steps I would need to follow to have the meds. One of which was to have an internal scan.

Moving on to this week…

All tests are negative.

I am allowed to go on HRT.

I feel I have support from Dr Katie Barber. I am writing this blog to help others and to encourage people to not give up.

You know your body. You know how you feel. Yes of course we need to listen to experts but for me personally, I knew I wasnt living the way I wanted.

So, I dont know how this is going to affect me. I have only been on it 2 days.

But, I dont have concerns. I trust the advice I have been given and I am excited about “finding me” again!!

I have so much to share with you and I promise it will always be honest.

Next week I am going to explain how I received the meds and only had a text from my GP with no explanation or support. Lets be honest, going onto HRT is huge. And to only have a text and 1 line wasnt great.

But, more of this in the next installment.

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