Adapting to Change

Today, I have had 5 messages from people struggling with the changes of the schools going back, moving out of lockdown and generally not having the structure they have had…

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Healthy Snacking

Snacking is a small portion of food or drink generally eaten between meals. There really are mixed opinions about snacking. Hunger is the main motivation for snacking but also other…

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Who Inspires you?

In 2002 I was in a bad marriage. We were trying to make it work I guess so that Xmas decided to have Xmas on our own at home. On…

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8 top Tips to get the most from your Winter Training By Janette Cardy.

So, the season is almost over. Its time to reflect and analyse your season.

What went well, what could be improved upon?

What did you enjoy and what needs more focus?

So, here are my 8 top tips to get you ready for Winter and to make sure you get the most from your training during the darker, colder months.

  1. I encourage all of my athletes to have some time off. This does not mean no exercise at all, but its not structured. Each person, dependent on what races they did this season, has a different length of break.

  2. S and C is completed all year round by our athletes, but in the Winter we bring even more in. Making it more focused and specific to each persons needs.

  3. Sit down with your coach and plan your goals for 2020. Know your WHY. This will help you to stay focused and on track during the darker, colder months.

  4. Book a training camp. We have one for ALL. March 7-13th 2020 Portugal. Come and join us.

  5. Dont compare yourself to anyone else. This is YOUR journey and YOUR goal.

  6. Some of our squad athletes arent coached by us, but they are mentored. This makes them accountable and keeps them on track.

  7. Keep communicating. Maybe on our FB page, or come to group sessions, join in the Sportives we organise or the masterclasses we run Dont disappear.

  8. Remember, why you are doing this. What is your WHY. And remember to enjoy it. And I will stand by this saying I have…. WINTER MILES SUMMER SMILES. If you want a great 2020 season, put the work in during the winter months.

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Our NEW Autumn Term Madley Park Courses

Our new September  Monday evening MADLEY PARK classes are as follows; BARRE TONE & FITNESS 7.00-7.40 pm 8 week course from 3rd Sept. £40 FAT ATTACK HIIT  7.45-8.45 pm commences…

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