Top Tips for the Older Athlete

I am presenting a series of talks to a junior swimming club on mindset, training, nutrition and resilience this month.

So, I thought it might be useful to write a little information to help the older athlete.

Bone mass declines from our mid 30’s and 1 in 3 women over 50 years of age, experience fractures as a result of thinning of the bones. 1 in 5 for men.

We can experience a drop in endurance, strength and physical performance.

The good news …… regular exercise can offset many effects of aging.

Resistance training can prevent the muscle loss that occurs with age and can in fact result in muscle gain.

With regular protein and regular weight bearing exercise and strength training at least 2 x a week you can make a difference.

Timing of eating protein in an older athlete is also important and is best as soon after activity as possible to aid recovery. Include carbohydrates and protein in your post workout snack.

Dehydration can be higher in older athletes, so aim to drink plenty of fluid 24 hours prior to training and drink during and after your session too.

Vitamin D is something to consider and maybe speak to your doctor about.

Janette Cardy