Janette Cardy is hugely respected as a Health and Fitness Menopause Expert who genuinely wants to help and support you on your menopause journey

Janette is a Menopause Health and Fitness Coach and presents on the Balance + App as part of Dr Louise Newsons Team as the strength and conditioning coach and expert.

Janette is also the owner and founder of http://www.activemenopauselife.com

Active Menopause Life is here to help you to navigate your way through menopause with support, guidance and professional coaching.

The Programme is 100% FREE

Janette shares her knowledge and supports women on a daily basis, helping them with their own fitness journey, but also their nutrition and mindset too.


*Its really important to me, that NO ONE FEELS ALONE in this stage of life.

*A day doesnt pass without someone reaching out to me. Feeling desperate, feeling lost. This is my WHY. I genuinely care and want to support YOU.

This programme is all about helping you to be healthy in the body, healthy in the kitchen and healthy in the mind.

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I can honestly say that Janette is the most knowledgeable, generous and kind coaches I have ever come across.
I would highly recommend her to everybody

Elizabeth Micklewright


Menopause is when your periods stop due to lower hormone levels.
You cant prevent it but you can manage it and with my help, we can help you to feel fitter, healthier, and calmer.
And best of all, to NOT FEEL ALONE.

You can book a 1:1 session with Janette where she will go through exactly the right training for you, nutrition and address confidence and mindset too. Book your appointment today via email.
Sessions are either run face to face in Witney or via Zoom
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Janette will help you to navigate your way positively through the Menopause

Answers to some key health and fitness questions for the menopause

Why do I feel so tired?

The hormonal changes can affect your mood but also your energy levels too.

And if you are struggling to sleep this will affect your energy.

This then tends to lead to us not choosing the healthiest food, exercising and feeling good about ourselves.

How can I manage Menopause Fatigue?

My 3 top tips are to focus on food high in soy, exercise regularly and work on creating a good sleep routine that works for you.

What is the BEST type of exercise to do during the menopause?

Firstly, I would say the one you ENJOY.

But also include walking, swimming, cycling etc for aerobic fitness.

Then pilates and yoga for balance, posture and mobility.

And key is strength training. This can be weights, band or even your own body weight but it is important to add this ideally x 2 a week to your training routine .

What are the benefits to exercising during the menopause?

It will help strengthen the bones, reduce the risk of disease, help prevent weight gain, but can also assist with confidence and mood too.

How much exercise should I do?

Consistency is key. And also to enjoy what you do.

Let it fit into your life and not just do it as a short term fix.

Strength training x 2 a week. Aerobic exercise for appro 150 min a week.

This can be a fitness class, cycling, swimming but also general activity like gardening and walking.

Can you help me with my nutrition during the menopause?

Yes I can. Together, we can look at your daily food and drink intake and then make small changes that really will help you with menopause weight gain, but also energy and bloating.

Its about making small changes but also not necessarily taking things away but in fact adding things to your diet.

Can I spot reduce my stomach to be flat again?

No, spot reducing is not a thing.

Aim to incorporate a healthy diet, be mindful of portion sizes, include physical activity that fits into your lifestyle.

How do I stay motivated during the menopause?

Set intentions and goals.

For instance, I have clients achieving amazing things by just adding in a walk every evening after dinner. Just by creating new habits that will stick.

Our http://www.activemenopauselife.com programme is all about supporting you on your health and wellbeing journey.

Its 100% FREE

Full support and motivation with your fitness, your nutrition and your mindset.

Should I do more exercise during the Menopause?

No, the key to getting results during the Menopause is finding the right exercise for YOU and aiming to be consistent.

Strength training is key and we should aim for at least 2 sessions a week.

When I write sessions for you they are based on what time you have available and your energy levels. Then smart effective sessions are prepared for you.

How can you help me with low mood and lacking confidence?

Firstly, I will listen. Then we will work together to find balance in your life.

We will work through the wheel of life and set some new intentions.

Life Coaching is about helping you to navigate your way positively through the menopause.

How do I join Active Menopause Life Programme?

Head to www.activehttp://www.activemenopauselife.com and get instant access to the programme. Remember, its FREE

Lets THRIVE during the Menopause TOGETHER

Use the menopause as a reminder to look after YOU
with the help of Janette Cardy