I probably get asked about this every week.

“People telling me, Janette help me, I have lost my motivation.”

So here are my thoughts.

Remember, motivation will not always be there. You dont need motivation to work out and if you are just relying on this, you will have a start/stop process.

Here are my 5 top tips:

1.Start by finding a coach who will support you.

2.Then just “DO”

If you think about any engrained habit you have such as cleaning your teeth. This hasnt always been a habit. But the more you do it, the more engrained it becomes into your lifestyle. This is the same with exercise. Just start doing!

3.Find something you enjoy doing. It doesnt have to be a crazy hard workout. It can even be just dancing in the living room! But get moving.

4.Know your WHY and be proud of yourself for taking care of you mind, body and soul.

5. Reach out to Janette Cardy for support. We have so many options available to you to help you to learn to enjoy exercise and feel fitter, stronger and healthier.