Yes, everyone can do it.

I work with alot of people assessing their run technique and writing training plans for them.

But just having a run assessment wont make the difference if you dont practice the things highlighted for you.

Too many runners do the same training day in day out, week in week out.

To improve we need to shake things up alittle. But not just for the sake of it!

If your run form needs work, then spend time focussing on this.

If you arent doing the interval sessions your coach set you, how do you expect to get faster?

So, here I share my 3 top tips to help run form and also my 3 top tips to start making change NOW.

  1. Shoulders relaxed and level
  2. Cadence aim 180
  3. Slight forward body lean
  1. Plan your training. Know what the purpose of that session is and only change 1 thing at a time.
  2. Expect to have to work on it to see progress but when you do, its amazing feeling.
  3. Be consistent and trust the process. And enjoy the challenge.

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