Keeping it Real during the Menopause

I love my job. I love working out and I genuinely dont take it for granted.

Being so ill 10 years ago, makes me find gratitude in each and every day.

Gratitude for being able to move my body and to live my life the way I want to.

Because, only a few years ago, this wasnt a sure thing!


I have been wanting to train but finding things to distract me.

I have been feeling really out of sorts recently.

I have felt more tired than normal.

I have lost weight but not intentionally and I have lost my appetite on some days.

I have had instances of just sitting and crying. Not for any real reason I can think of. But just feeling overwhelmed.

So why is this happening?…..

Luckily, I specialise in the menopause so I can recognise the signs.

I am moving into the next phase of the menopause and its leaving me all over the place .

But rather than giving myself a hard time I have decided a few things.

*To share with you how I am feeling

*To acknowledge these feelings and be kinder to myself

*To contact the Doctor to see if my HRT needs to be increased

*To do something every day for ME

*To continue to share my experiences and my knowledge to help others

Even by just writing this down, it has made me feel better.

I am taking control of a situation out of my control. If that makes sense.

Do I worry people will judge me ? Alittle.

Lets be honest, most things on social media are all positives but are they really true and authentic?

So if by me being honest and sharing my emotions with you helps just 1 person then its worth it.

I start presenting on Dr Louise Newsons Balance + App this week which I am SO excited about.

I also am presenting alongside Dr Katie Barber on 29th September answering ALL of your menopause questions.

And I have a HUGE announcement coming very soon which I cant wait to share.

But in the meantime, I am trying to find balance in my life. I am listening to my body and taking extra rest if need be.

What 1 thing that I haved shared here, resonates with you that you can take away and implement into your day?

I am here if you ever need to talk.

Janette x