Lets Get the Basics Of Running Right

The beauty of running is you can do it anywhere and anytime.
But, there are still key things we should always be mindful of during each session but also as you build up towards your goal.
Here, I share my top tips to help you to get the MOST from your running training.
*Be clear of your goal. What are you training for? Stick to your plan
*Dont compare yourself to others
*Dont run everyday
*Make sure you have easy runs, longer runs, intervals and tempo runs in your training plan
*Relax when you run
*Look straight ahead
*Lean slightly forward
*Land your foot under your body to avoid over striding and causing a “break”
*Land with a bent knee to absorb shock and reduce injuries
*Work on your cadence before stride length

We have a Run Masterclass running on Saturday 8 th May 10.30 am if you would like to learn more and have a video analysis too. 2 Spaces left.