My experience of home workouts

Obviously, my experience is slightly different as its my job too. But this is an honest account of my experience, the highs and the lows. So, when I was a child, no one I knew went to a gym. I was a runner so ran outside. I swam so swam with my swimming club. But, I also did conditioning at home, including skipping, flexibility, and balance work.

I didn’t even consider this to be different. Over the past 10 years, I have done more of my training in a gym environment. And of course, I teach classes in Clubs and in the Community.

So, moving on to March 2020. We had just returned from a training camp in Portugal which I was running. And of course, all of our training was outside. So, when lockdown came it wasn’t a shock to continue to run outside, cycle and when the weather improved and we were allowed, to swim in the river. I also started teaching online.

To speak, dance and instruct to a screen took a while to get used to for sure. Some of our workouts were on Zoom but the majority on Facebook within our own private group. So, what positives have I found as a coach online, training at home and being a participant in other fit pros workouts:

  1. No travel time
  2. So much variety
  3. Short but effective sessions
  4. Fact, you don’t need much kit to get a decent workout in
  5. My own music
  6. Time efficient training
  7. My dinner can be cooking whilst I am training
  8. Really going back to basics in coaching, and teaching visually, verbally and with full explanations
  9. Developing my own skill set
  10. Stepping out of my comfort zone
  11. Building an online business with over 200 members
  12. Real job satisfaction
  13. SMART training. Taking less time than in the gym as less distractions
  14. Getting back outside to do my run training
  15. 100% enjoyment
  16. People can join our workouts together without worrying about child care issues

Things I have found more challenging are:

  1. Getting rid of my dining room and making it into a full blown studio. (I do love it now though but it wasnt an easy decision) And remember, this is because I coach, so need more space.
  2. It hasn’t been cheap setting it up. Flooring, kit, lights, tripods, licensed free music. But again, as a participant this wouldn’t be the case. This is because its my business.
  3. Learning to be comfortable in front of the camera and getting the angles right took a while. But, as a Corporate Wellness Trainer, I am used to standing up and talking to people. It was more, not getting the live feedback there and then.
  4. At times, questioning myself if I am giving enough on the programme. Could I offer more? Am I enough?

So, in conclusion, I absolutely love working out from home. Both as a job and my own training.

I have more time. I teach better and really feel a connection online with our members which I just didn’t think was possible. I also feel I have made new friendships. I can work with people from outside my town, or even my Country which we do. We have people from South Africa, Portugal, Northern Ireland and Italy on our programme.

I feel more free and although I plan my training, I also feel there is more choice from home than in the gym which is something I never thought I would say. But, I was stuck in a rut and doing the same things day in day out/week in/week out. Now, I mix it up much more.

So, I can honestly say, it has been a learning curve. But such a positive experience and one I will continue with for years to come.

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