Who Inspires you?

In 2002 I was in a bad marriage. We were trying to make it work I guess so that Xmas decided to have Xmas on our own at home. On Xmas Day morning, I was trying to make it fun and festive but he told me I was annoying him so GO OUT. So I did! I went to a hotel gym for a 60 min workout. Besides having a great workout, I also met some wonderful people in the gym that morning. We really did have a good giggle.

Fast forward to 2019 almost 2020, I received a message this week from someone who was in the gym that day. He has been following me on social media and has been seriously ill. He is now, thankfully on the mend. He mentioned Xmas Day all those years ago, and is now building his fitness back up. He wants to meet for a coffee and also to do a Xmas day run in 2020. He said he has followed my journey in racing, in business and even my own major health issues. He said he was grateful to be alive and all those years ago, I inspired him.


It got me thinking. My family have inspired me so much over the years but who else has? Here are 3 people who have made a difference without even knowing.

  • Yogi Pill. My first swim coach. He was such a character. When you got praise from him, it meant something. He taught me if you want something you work hard for it. Thank-you Yogi.
  • Peggy. My Teachers assistant at primary school. When I was about 6 years old I had a slight speech impediment and she helped me to find confidence and self belief to speak up and now look at me, doing public speaking gigs!!
  • Denise Lewis. Working with her in 2018. She was so kind, supportive and interested in me! We coached together and she treated me like an equal. I regularly get messages from her on social media, saying good work etc.

So, thank you to these people. Sometimes, inspiring someone isn’t about big gestures. Its a simple smile, or a well done here or there.

Who inspires you?