Focussing on your health when life happens

We have all been there!

You have told yourself that now is the time to get healthier.

Perhaps exercising a couple more times this week, eating a little healthier and ensuring you get enough sleep.

You have all of the best intentions and you setout on your new routine full of motivation and determination.

And then BAM. A major life event happens that throws your new schedule out of the window.

Sometimes life gets in the way through no fault of our own.

We might set perfectly reasonable and achievable goals. But life is not always kind and it likes to throw the odd curveball from time to time.

But some people can continue to focus on their health and wellbeing even when life gets in the way.

So, how do they do it?

Here, I share my top tips :

*Keep it simple. For instance if you spend ages preparing a morning brekkie as part of your new routine, next time you find yourself short of time, for whatever reason, its almost impossible to continue such a habit.

*Remind yourself progress is a marathon not a sprint and just get back into your healthy cycle the next day.

*Remind yourself not to be too hard on yourself. Missing the odd day here and there wont ruin your training and healthy habits.

*Work with a coach who can help you with a plan that is realistic and fits in your life.

*Enjoy the process not just the end result.

*Dont let a small set back or change of routine totally derail you. Stop being “all or nothing”

If your healthy habits take a little bit longer to show the results you wanted because life got in the way, you will still be pleased with the outcome and benefits from those life changes in the long run.

If you need any support please email Janette directly

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