The Key Mindset Qualities Of A High Class Athlete

What is Mindset?

Mindset is your mental outlook in both training and in competitions.

You can work on it just as you do with your cardio fitness, or strength or rehab work.

Elite athletes like to push themselves physically but the biggest contributor to elite performances is MINDSET.

How Can I Improve My Mindset?

Be willing to work on it each and every day.

Learn to adapt a growth mindset which in turn will lead to greater success and overall performance.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

Its a way of thinking that will increase your motivation levels, but also one that allows you to bounce back from challenges along the way.

Focus on self improvement.

Athletes who have a fixed mindset have a fear of failing so avoid trying sometimes.

Learn to see failure and defeat as a challenge and an opportunity to grow.

This is the same in business as much as sport.

What Can I do In Training Now to Start?

Be clear on your goals and your WHY

Be willing to try new things

Stick with hard tasks and do not give up

Believe in yourself and change your self talk

Identitfy and overcome your personal blocks

Surround yourself with people that match your desired mindset

Be patient