Coaching with Janette Cardy

How Does It Work?

Each coach works differently. Which I think is a good thing!

But what should stand out from a coach, is the following:

*Understanding of the clients needs

*Quality of the programme


*Clients time restraints

*Making training enjoyable

So, whether I am working with PT clients or my Triathletes or even coaching on the Online Programme, my coaching is consistent.

I give 100% and I want my clients to feel they can contact me anytime.

What Do I Also Add ?

So, I have always said strength and conditioning should be part of everyones programming.

But, this last 14 months we have added it to ALL of our athletes programmes. It has been a strong weekly staple.

And without a doubt, it has made a HUGE difference. We have clients running less, but training smarter and are faster than they have ever been before. This is the same on the bike and in the pool.

Of course the amount we do varies from the times of the year but it will definitely stay a constant in ALL of my coached athletes programmes from now on.

The other thing that has helped our team is the fact they have full nutritional support too. Recipes, Talks, and Life Coaching top tips.

Coaching isnt just physical, its the mental side but also getting to know your client and what makes them tick.

I love coaching. I love programme designing but best of all I love seeing my clients improve and fall in love with exercising and being fit and healthy.

If you enjoy doing something, you are much more likely to continue and also to see and feel results too.

Feel free to contact Janette directly for a FREE consultation.