Do you know how to monitor progress?

So many people start an exercise plan or a commitment to losing weight by saying Today is the day.

To succeed at something we need to know our WHY.

We need to be aware of what works and what doesnt. And this is different for each person.

Are you the person who starts a plan today but within 3 months will have given up and moved to another training plan?

And you continue to do this year in year out. You read somewhere if I do this, I will get X result etc.?

Now , let me say this isnt 100% your fault. Social media is very good at making us believe “this is the next best thing” or “its easy to do”

But let me tell you this…

  1. You need to know your WHY. Why are you doing what you are doing and for what reason?
  2. WHAT do you want to achieve? And do you 100% believe you can? And do you want it ENOUGH?
  3. How are you monitoring your PROGRESS?
  4. Is this a short term fix or a long term committment?
  5. Can you look back at when you started and monitor the progress?
  6. What are your SPECIFIC wins today/this week/this month?
  7. Do you have UNLIMITED support on your programme? If not, why not?
  8. Do you BELEIVE you can do it?
  9. RESULTS are not linear. You will go up and down. Thats normal!! But when you hit a slight mole hill, you DONT give up. You reach out to your coach for more support.
  10. ENJOYMENT. Is your programme making you happy? Do you enjoy what you do?

Now, this might be fitness, it might be life coaching or nutrition.. it doesnt matter. The “rules” are the same. We need to be able to monitor our progress and acknowledge our wins to stay on track and keep moving forward.

We cant rely on motivation as this will waiver from day to day. We need to know our WHY and know we have SUPPORT when we need it.

Trust the process. Trust the programme and stick with it!

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