How long until I see results?

There are so many factors to answering this question. Things such as age, your starting position, your committment, injuries etc.

However here are my top tips and guidance to getting and keeping results.

Firstly, Stop allowing the scales to determine your worth and how much progress you have made.

Ways to monitor progress can be things such as the following:

You can move more

You have more energy

Your clothes fit differently

You enjoy your workouts

You feel good about yourself and generally feel happier

The scales of course can be a tool to use alongside these things. As well as measurements and pictures. But I do think its important to not just focus on the numbers.

The other thing I would say is, you are wanting exercise and eating well to be a practice that is long term.

So, I find the longer it takes you get results, the more likely you are to stay on track and keep going.

So, take your time. And enjoy the sessions!!

Show up to the classes/sessions you have planned.

Focus on not just the scales (scales are for fish!!)

Trust the process and RESULTS WILL COME.