So, as most of you know yesterday I did 1000 Burpees for charity. I did it for Suicide Awareness. Having lost my cousin 14 months ago to suicide, I really wanted to do something positive to give back and bring awareness to such a delicate subject. 20 plus years I have been running my fitness business and 11 months I have now been running my business totally online. I have really learnt a lot about myself, the fitness industry and others in this time. Here, I share just some of the lessons I have learnt.

When I opened up about my loss, others reached out to me and shared there stories. I can honestly say I have had over 30 messages with people opening up about their own losses. One really struck a chord where he hadn’t spoken about it for over 40 years until he felt he could talk to me. The OLD me, always thought its important to not show the real me or to be too open. But, I now think totally differently.

Without a shadow of a doubt I would not have been able to do 1000 Burpees a year ago. I was fit, but my training was always the same. I didn’t do much S and C work. I am fitter now than I have been in years. I am stronger, healthier and happier. And this is 100% down to the online programme. The variety of the classes are working my body is such a positive way. I am never bored of training and I am fit.

I have made so many new wonderful friends. Genuine friends, not just people I instruct. We have been on a journey together this past year and so many have said they have found a new way to train which is really working for them. I agree. Even if we do go back to gyms, the beauty of our online is we can do both. Or we can do the online workouts IN the gym. I personally though, will stay on line and just bring back swimming to my regime.

No child care issues, no travelling, the true feeling of being part of a community and having your own Pocket PT are just some of the things people have told me why they are loving this and will stick with it for the future too.

My 40’s were about proving to myself and others I was well and could do things. Now, being 50, I am getting such joy from hearing about others progress. Literally as I am typing this, Someone has just messaged me to share their news. They have followed the 8 week 5 km Run Plan and improved their time by 2 mins 42 secs. The joy I feel is just as good as if I had done that 5 km myself.

I like my body. I appreciate my body for what it can do. I am proud of my body. And, honestly I haven’t always been. I also am so proud of my mindset. I am a strong person. But, I am also not afraid any more about being judged or talked about. I am doing me!! And being open is not a bad thing!!

Your support during and after the challenge yesterday was immense. So many wonderful messages and its not even 10 am Sunday and I have had 5 messages asking me how I feel today. This means so much to me. Thank-you.

We did this challenge together. And we raised over £2000. Incredible.

I love coaching. I love working with my athletes, running the online, coaching the extra run courses on it and just helping people who genuinely want to achieve their goals. I also think the combinations of coaching with the nutrition and life coaching are essential. I believe all personal trainers should incorporate the whole body, mind and soul ethos. As there is no point getting stronger physically if the mind needs clarity and we all know my well said phase, you cant out train a bad diet.

I still over analyse things. I am tough on myself. But I am learning to live more day to day and to praise myself too. I worry when someone leaves the online programme, and I say to Clare, what could I have done differently or given that person more? She reminds me its not always possible. It might be nothing to do with me. But, this wont probably change as I really do care about people getting 1. results 2. support 3. honest and factual info

4. motivation 5. someone they know they can reach out to anytime.

I reached out to a number of “fitness influencers” about the challenge and asked for a repost. I heard nothing back. But they are all over social media saying 1. they support mental health and 2. they are always there for there community. I am not judging here. I am just saying it as it is. I promise to always reply to my members, athletes, and in fact, to anyone who contacts me even if they are not trained by me.

This might sound corny, but its how I feel. I was given a second chance to live after being so ill in my 40’s. But also, I was in a very mentally abusive relationship in my 30’s which I haven’t spoken about. My 50’s are now about helping as many people as I can. This might be physical, mental or emotional. I feel genuine joy when someone reaches their goal. I feel lockdown has made me realise a lot about myself and what I genuinely enjoy doing.

So, to bring this long post to an end!! I would just like to say two things.


2. I am here for you. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you need support or questions answered. You are not alone.

Janette xx