My New Challenge in February

So you probably know by now but I am going to attempt 1000 Burpees in aid of Suicide Awareness. I have set up a Just Giving Page and really would like to bring awareness to the charity and the fact 84 males in the UK take their own lives a week. My cousin sadly took his life on Xmas Eve 2019. No illness, no signs, and I can honestly say the most popular person I have ever known. A massive loss to our family.

A few years I was seriously ill with 2 strokes and Graves Disease. Due to a complication with an operation, my life was turned upside down. I am not ashamed to admit, I considered not being here. Somehow though, I changed it to a challenge in my head instead. I set the challenge and I achieved it. (Competing and winning medals for GB age group)

I was lucky. I got a second chance.

The start of this year, I felt I wanted to do something to help people and to give something back. In fact, I needed to. So, I have set this challenge. I really don’t know if I can achieve it. Its huge. I am scared, excited but definitely nervous. But, I know its the right thing for me to try to do. Any support would be great with the Just Giving page but also awareness to the charity and the cause.

This next year is all about me trying to give back and to support others as much as I have been supported over the years. Running my online health fitness and wellbeing programme has helped me so much this past year. Its now time for me to give back a little.

Saturday 6th February is the challenge day. And will be streamed LIVE.

The Just Giving Page is as follows:

Even a repost on social media would be fabulous. Thankyou.

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If any one is struggling, please please seek help.

Look after yourselves.