Every body is beautiful. Every body is unique.

Loving yourself will help keep you sane. Loving yourself is not being vain.

Cellulite is normal, its natural and its part of us.

Not everyone has it but alot do. Creams dont make it disappear.

Our bodies, like us in life, are on a journey. They change, they grow.

Losing weight/gaining weight, puberty, perimenopause, menopause, ill health, pregnancy, gaining muscle and tone are some of the changes our bodies go through.

Stretch marks are part of that growth. We should look at them and be proud of what we have achieved with our own bodies.

Same with cellulite. Some apologising about it. Its natural.

So, I invite you to look at these areas today and learn to see them as signs of your own physical and mental growth.

To wear the cellulite/stretch marks with confidence and kindness and to stop judging yourself so harshly.