Is Coaching for me?

I had a really good chat with someone today about coaching. And it made me think.

Lets be honest, getting a coach is a BIG deal.

We worry about being judged as people, athletes and we worry if we are good enough.

When I was competing for age group GB, I always had a coach.

I did fall into the trap though that having an expensive coach meant I was having the best.

This definitely was not the case. Yes, they were good athletes, but the coaching wasnt!

Dont get me wrong, I dont believe I get it right all of the time.

But there are some key things I always stick to when coaching someone.

  1. Listen to them. This is a relationship and it doesnt always matter what I think. I need to listen to the athlete and find out exactly what they want/need.
  2. Treat everyone as an individual. Alot of my coached athletes are training for sprint tri, but even then the training is different. Especially at this time of the year. Each athlete has different needs and requirements.
  3. Work with the client. Of course, training 5 days in a row to then have the weekend off isnt ideal but it it works for the client and their lifestyle then we make it work. It just means we dont do back to back days of hard intervals and mix in more swimming, s and c work etc.
  4. Be willing to adapt on a daily basis.
  5. Review the feedback and have daily contact with your athletes.
  6. Everyone is an athlete. Whatever level you are. If you are committing to a training plan then you deserve the title of an athlete. This takes work, dedication, effort and you should be proud of yourself for taking that first step.
  7. Confidentiality. With all coaching but even more so with Life Coaching. People are trusting you and telling you things in a safe environment. Always respect that.
  8. I always try my best. I care about the athlete. So sometimes, telling the client to rest up isnt something they want to hear but its sometimes for the best.
  9. Enjoy what I do. Yes, I really do. I love coaching especially triathlon.
  10. Keep learning, developing and progressing with my own knowledge. Never stop learning.

Janette Cardy Fitness provides coaching in the following areas:

Triathlon Coaching and become part of our Team Cardy Squad

Life Coaching 1:1

Wellbeing in the Work Place

Sports Specific Coaching such as swimming, running, golf etc.

Sports Specific Strength and Conditioning Programmes

Take Away Points:

Find a coach who will make you a priority. Listen to your needs and adapt the training accordingly.

Remember, yes you want to improve, you want to be the best version of you but you also want to enjoy what you do.

Feel free to contact us directly for an informal chat.