Finding Clarity during a state of anger

You cannot see your reflection in boiling water, and you cannot see the truth in a state of anger. When the water calms, clarity comes. I love this saying.

  • Having feelings is normal.
  • Being angry sometimes is normal.
  • But its what we do with them that matters.

Anger is a basic human emotion just like love, sadness, confusion, happiness etc. Feeling angry sometimes is normal and can be a good signal that something is wrong. Here are my top tips on managing anger. .

  • Acknowledge it. Accept the feeling.
  • Understand it. What caused you to feel angry.
  • Express. Share how you feel but in a calm way. If this means you take some time out to calm down, its ok.
  • Let Go. Move beyond the anger and learn from it.

Lets be honest, these aren’t easy to do and we all need to find our own way to manage anger. I personally use self talk, exercise, mindfulness exercises and I try to express my feelings when I have calmed down. This is a work in progress as when I was younger I was always told “I bet you have a temper as you have red hair”

So, I lived up to this!! But, as I have matured, I am learning to manage anger much more effectively. Let me know how you deal with anger and what your coping strategies are.