How to cope with Lockdown

I am a very positive person but the last few days have been tough. I have felt a little lost. I feel I want to help people and make everything right in the world, and I know I cant! So, this is how I am coping and I hope you can maybe try some of these tips to help you.

  • I am coming to terms with this new normal. I am willing to accept the situation as it is. I dont like it but it is what it is!!
  • I accept its ok to not be ok sometimes and when I feel like this I am extra kind to myself.
  • Do what I know. I love coaching and so I am putting ALL of my energies into helping others and giving my members, clients and athletes the BEST of me.
  • I am working on staying connected to friends and family. I am making the effort.
  • I am focusing on the present. Accepting I cant control how long this will last, but I can control focussing on the small things that will make my day a little better.
  • Exercise. I know this is difficult for a lot of people as motivation is low. But, 100% we feel better once we have exercised. So, even if its 10 mins a day, I am doing something.
  • I am finding a routine that works for me. I know I need structure to my day so this helps me.

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I want you to know you are not alone. Please, if you are coached by me or not, it doesn’t matter. You can contact me anytime.

And my biggest tip right now would be to get moving in some shape or form. It helps us mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Please take care of yourself and stay safe xx