Do you find when you swim you need to put a pull buoy in to keep your legs up?

Here are my 10 top tips to help you to improve your swimming position especially for triathletes.

  1. Head position. Your eyes should be focussed down or slightly in front of you. Keeping your head still.
  2. When you breathe, turn the head, dont lift it.
  3. Work on core strength out of the water and then when you are swimming engage the core too.
  4. Keep the stroke rate up and the arms moving. Do not pause at the front of the stroke.
  5. Work on your leg kick. Do sets with fins and without.
  6. Have a coach who will write you the sessions and make you accountable!
  7. Feet should be relaxed and pointed not flexed.
  8. Use your legs when you swim. Dont just let them drag behind.
  9. Stop relying on toys in your sessions or the wetsuit. Work on your weaknesses and improve them.
  10. Make sure you are breathing out and not holding your breath.

Feel free to contact me directly to answer any swimming or triathlon question you may have.