You have entered a Triathlon and the panic is setting in!!!

Firstly, DONT PANIC.

You entered the event as you wanted to do it.

This is a fantastic sport and the triathlon community is so friendly.

You wont regret doing a triathlon thats for sure!

Here are my top tips to get the most from the sport and to enjoy your first race this season.

  1. Plan your training. Put the training into your diary and calendar just as you would with a work meeting. Then, its easier to stick to it.

  2. Not trying to do too much too soon. build up slowly and enjoy the process.

  3. Aim for consistency. And dont neglect having rest days.

  4. Listen to others but dont take it ALL on board. Runners will have a view, cyclists will have a different one, and then swimmers too. But, this is triathlon. So the training is different. The best advice comes by working with a triathlon coach.

  5. A coach will make you accountable but also will monitor your training to ensure it has balance, structure and to ensure you dont over train.

  6. Dont neglect your weaker element. If you are a good swimmer but not so good at running, then maybe do one less swim session a week and focus on the run.

  7. Work on mindset. You can be physically ready to race but if you cant control your nerves then you will ruin your best race plan.

  8. Nutrition. Address this. In training and in racing. Again, I would seek guidance on this. Some coaches are qualified in this area too.

  9. Have an open water swim before race day. Get used to swimming in a wetsuit.

  10. Enjoy the whole process. Be proud of yourself for choosing something that scares you a little.

Janette Cardy is a British Triathlon level 2 coach and also a mindset coach and nutritionist.

Feel free to email for support, guidance or coaching information.

[email protected]

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