How to work out again after an extended break

You might be brand new to exercise, or returning after a break so its important to build up steadily. Going all out from the beginning is likely to leave you injured, sore and also less likely to create long lasting habits.

Here, I share my top tips to get you back into a regular routine that will provide long lasting results and enjoyment.

1. Plan your classes . On our online health fitness and wellbeing programme, we release the following weeks schedule on a saturday and we encourage you to write your classes into your diary as though they are important meetings.

2. Have a workout buddy. This is something we offer on our online programme. It makes you accountable, you can arrange to come online together and also gives you the chance to make new friends.

3. Make sure you have a decent pair of trainers and for the ladies a decent sports bra too. Working out with kit that is worn out will not make the workout enjoyable and you risk getting injured.

4. Set goals. Short term and long term. And really make them realistic. Then, make a plan of how you are going to achieve this. We can help you with this.

5. Dont jump from one plan to another. Trust you coach/trainer and know they are writing the classes/workouts to be effective and progressive.

6. This is an ideal time to try different classes. On our online programme, you are working out in the comfort of your own home so if you try a class you havent done before and go the wrong way, or its not for you, its not cost you anything but you have tried it.

7. Make sure you warm up and cooldown for ALL workouts. Skipping this will make you sore and more likely to get injured.

8. Show up! Its that simple. Online, you are generally going from one room to the next to do the workout. Once you start the class, 99% of the time, you are glad you are doing it. You can take extra rests if you need to. You can miss a set out if you want to. But show up!

9. Dont feel guilty for taking rest days. We need them. We also schedule them into the transformation plans too.

10. Lean on us. You can contact us (your Pocket PT’s) anytime for support, guidance and encouragement.

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