The Power of the Mind

Winning the Mind Game with Janette Cardy.

Coaching for me isn’t just the physical side, but the mental side too. When I work with athletes, or clients, we use imagery and imagine what it will feel like when we achieve our goal. We evaluate progress, manage discomfort, project confidence and work on staying present and positive. So, here is a little head game quiz for you to do and see how you score. For each question rate your current mental game performance from 1-10 (1 low and 10 high).

Mental Imagery.

I see myself performing well.


My energy levels stay at the right level for the situation.

Self Talk.

I keep my thoughts simple and positive.


I stay on target.

Pain Management.

I can distract myself from discomfort and can push on.

Body Language.

I carry myself with confidence and fake it if need be!

Anxiety Control.

I process my nerves as excitement.

Mental Toughness.

I do what is hard and stay positive under adversity.


I focus on my strengths and move forward from disappointing performances.

Self Analysis.

I review my progress to see how well I am doing and where I can make improvements.

The skills are interconnected and therefore working on improving one area will strengthen other aspects too. As we train the body, we can learn to train the mind too.

If you would like to share your results with me, and maybe have a 1:1 to work on your mindset for sport, or life coaching then feel free to email me directly at [email protected].