Calling all brides to be…….

Here are our top ten tips for getting in shape and looking radiant for your special day.

1. Goals.

You have an amazing goal to work towards so this is sorted! Create a picture in your mind of how you want to look on your wedding day. Make it realistic and then go for it!

2. Recruit a workout buddy.

Training with a friend will help you to stay on track and motivated. Maybe get you and your bridesmaids working out together.

3. Keep a record.

It helps you to stay on track.

4. Hire a professional.

You have enlisted the help of a professional caterer, photographer etc, so why not get the help from a professional fitness trainer. This is a wedding present that can really pay off, not just for the day but long term too.

5. Consider a Fitness Hen party.

These are hugely popular and can be catered for your specific group. Zumba, Fitness Pold Skool, etc. You could even have a groom vs bride day with your respective parties and do “its a knockout” .

6. Dont go on a diet.

Sensible eating habits are recommended.

7. Choose the right workout.

One that fits into your lifestyle. You dont have to make the gym your second home, as at JCFitness we provide lots of ways to train that are both affordable and manageable for everyone.

8. Keep moving.

Use the stairs, get off the bus early, walk around the shops in your lunch break. These are just some of the ways to keep active and burn off extra calories throughout the day.

9. Drink up!

Drink plenty of water. Water helps the body shed toxins and can help you avoid snacking during the day.

10. Enjoy this time!!