Mental Wellbeing in Lockdown

This past 7 days I have had so many messages from people who are struggling with juggling all of the balls. Home schooling, working from home, anxiety, worrying about the situation etc.

Here are my top tips which might help you. But also, I don’t want anyone to feel alone, so if you train with me or you don’t, it doesn’t matter, you can reach out and I will be there to support you. I promise.

  • Find ways to connect with others. On our online health fitness and wellbeing programme we have introduced a BUDDY system. This is so popular, as it means people have support, forming new friendships, and accountability.
  • Get natural light and get outside even if its only for 10 mins a day.
  • Get moving. We know we feel better when we exercise. I have a rule of 10 mins. So even if you don’t fancy a workout, give it a try for 10 mins and if you still aren’t feeling it, then you can stop but nearly always we feel better after 10 mins of working out.
  • Limit the amount of news you listen to. Maybe limit it to 1 x a day.
  • Take a social media detox.
  • When exercising, don’t always think about weight loss, but more about what you need from that session at that time. For instance, we have added extra relaxation and meditation to our programme this week, extra stretching sessions plus our regular Fitness Pilates Class.
  • Seek professional advice.
  • Think about what you can control right now. Your food, your workouts, your alcohol consumption etc.
  • Challenge your thoughts. Are they coming from a place of anxiousness and worry or are they factual.
  • Set a goal that excites you.
  • Know this period will not last forever.
  • Accept its ok to not feel ok sometimes.
  • Don’t feel you always have to be doing something. Do what you feel is right, without guilt attached.

I do hope these help you.

As I say, I am here if anyone needs extra support right now.

Janette x