The Secret to Weight Loss

Sorry to disappoint you if you are hoping for some amazing new diet you can start or a new fitness regime to try.

The reality is to drop weight, we need to move more and to be in a calorie deficit.

Now this doesnt mean going on an extreme diet of say 800 cals. Of course, you will drop weight. And very quickly!

Its extreme! So when you increase your cals again, you gain weight VERY quickly.

You will have no energy, youi will get dishearted with your weight loss journey, you will exercise less and more than likely totally give it up after a few weeks.

Its just not sustainable. Its not good for us and its not a good thing to do.

So to lose weight effectively and for long term results, here are my 4 top tips.

*Train smart. Not doing crazy amount of hours on a cross trainer but mixing weights with cardio.

*Eat in a small calorie deficit.

*Move more on a daily basis.

*Learn to enjoy exercise and make it part of your life.

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