Today, I shared something SPECIAL

I am just back from speaking at the Women In Sport Summit and I cant tell you how many messages and emails I have received. I practiced my speech but in reality today was a panel format and we were all asked questions. I didn’t know what was coming and all I could do was to answer each question openly and with total honesty.

The last question, I actually had a “moment”. I don’t have any major symptoms now since the 2 strokes, but I do sometimes get confused and cant always remember things.

I was asked the question and within seconds I couldn’t remember what it was! So, I decided to just answer in my own way! And that was to be totally honest about HOW I felt. I found myself sharing a lot more highs and lows than I ever planned to but I also announced (again totally unplanned) that I LIKE MYSELF.

The room was full and probably 98% were Women.

I got a massive round of applause which really surprised me. Over lunch, I had a lady approach me and tell me I had really touched her with my talk, and in fact the whole room, when I said I like myself.

She said finally, we have a female who can say it and mean it. I haven’t always liked myself. I lacked confidence as a child and a young adult. And even now, I over analyse sometimes, I worry BUT today was a real moment and it seems it was for others too.


Why don’t you start doing the same? Don’t aim for perfection but see yourself as others see you and see the good within.

Its a great feeling!!!